Break Free From Isolation. Embrace Connection.

I help single 30-something women get un-stuck and build healthy, fulfilling relationships.

I see you struggling. Despite being successful in your career, proud of your accomplishments, and great at taking care of others, life is hard.

You long for real connections, but you are tired.

Scrolling through hundreds of dating profiles, you feel the urge to call it quits.

Fear rises up in your chest and you feel the walls closing in on you.

Dreaming of a relationship with a life partner, you are also terrified of being vulnerable.

Running and losing yourself in work, binge watching, shopping, or a glass of wine sounds tempting. But you have already tried all that, and it leaves you empty and hopeless.

So you feel trapped between your dream of finding a loving partner, and the reality of today.

You long to be seen, heard, and understood, but at the same time you want to hide.

You are killing it and succeeding in other areas of your life, so why are healthy relationships beyond your reach?

You have come to the right place.

Let’s figure this out together.

We will untangle the present from the past. We will look at the ways old persistent fears may be connected to experiences you have buried or dismissed. This is not to dig up old hurts, but to BREAK FREE from what is blocking the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams.

Deep down, you fear waking up 60 years old and still alone.

If you do not do this work, you could miss out on sharing your life with a partner and a family.

You could look into the mirror and see the same lonely self, with nothing having changed except the lines on your face.

How I Can Help


Hi, I'm Kirstin

I know it takes courage to ask for help. You probably feel overwhelmed or discouraged in your search for the right therapist. You have suffered enough. You’re sick of hiding in the shadows, and it is time for you to step into the light. I will help you unpack and take apart your shame. I can help you get back on track and live your best life. Let’s work together to get to the heart of what is holding you back.


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