Quiet Your Inner Critic. Find Peace of Mind.

I help women get un-stuck and discover a life they love.

*During this Covid crisis, I am offering video and phone sessions throughout California*

I see you struggling. Even though you are killing it in your career, proud of your accomplishments, and great at taking care of others, life is hard.

Being a successful woman comes with so many expectations.

Fulfillment is hard to find when you are trying to balance so many different roles.

Sometimes it feels like it is all going to come crashing down if you make one wrong move.

You feel the tension in your shoulders and neck as you run from work, to appointments, to socialize, to dates, to take care of your parents, to take care of your kids. With so much on your plate, you just want to hide under the covers and call out sick to life. But you keep pushing through.

On the outside, you look like you have got it all together. But on the inside, you feel like you are in a million pieces, and you do not know how you are going to make it through another day.

You have come to the right place.

I will help you put the pieces together.

With wisdom and gentleness, I will help you make sense of your experiences, and how they have shaped you.

Together we will create a sacred space, where you can freely express yourself without fearing you will burden others. You will not need to worry about judgment or criticism. I will help you take down the wall you have been hiding behind. We will unpack the years of pain and hurt that have been weighing you down.

I am here to help you write a new chapter of your life. Let’s create new beliefs about yourself. Let’s ditch the old lies you’ve been believing, and discover the truth about who you are.

You will find self-acceptance, as I guide you toward embracing all aspects of yourself. Past mistakes will no longer keep you in bondage. You will realize you are still lovable, even when you fall short. Shame will start to fade away.

We will create a plan for you to start taking care of yourself.

You will tell others what you think and feel, without fearing you will lose their love. You will express your thoughts and feelings, without getting heated or shutting down. You will tell people what you can and can not do. You will stop stretching yourself so thin to please others.

You will no longer feel fragmented or scattered.

Instead, you will feel empowered to tell the integrated story of who you are.

So you can shine. So you can rise above. So you can feel a sense of meaning and purpose beyond what you have known.

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Hi, I'm Kirstin

I know it takes courage to ask for help. You probably feel overwhelmed or discouraged in your search for the right therapist. You have suffered enough. You’re sick of hiding in the shadows, and it is time for you to step into the light. I will help you unpack and take apart your shame. I can help you get back on track and live your best life. Let’s work together to get to the heart of what is holding you back.


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