Anxiety Therapy

Others say you should just accept things as they are. But how? That seems impossible. You can’t stop analyzing. How did I get here? Why are things the way they are? Thoughts race through your head a million miles a minute. Even though you try hard to relax, they just won’t quit. The days seem so long when you can’t calm down and rest for a minute.

You want to handle life’s inevitable curve balls and challenges with grace, without going into anxiety spirals. You say why can’t I be like people who seem to let it roll off their backs? Or roll with the punches? Or however you describe it.

What About Now?

We all have regrets about the past, and uncertainty about the future. But with anxiety, you get stuck there. And these thoughts keep you from being present in the moment and enjoying your life. The chatter in your mind distracts you to the point that you’re checked out.

You’ve probably heard the term mindfulness a lot recently. On websites. In books. So many people use this term, but what does it really mean? Mindfulness involves intentionally focusing on what’s here right now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Not in 5 minutes.

An Illusion of Control

Anxiety and control go hand in hand. If I can just figure this out, I can keep it from happening again. But when you think back, this hasn’t been the case. In the big picture, it doesn’t work. But logic doesn’t stop the thoughts from coming back over and over.


Perfectionism is another form of anxiety you’re probably familiar with.

What if I’m not the best? If I can’t do it perfectly, I don’t want to do it at all. I need to prove myself. Run faster. Try harder. So you push yourself to the limit. And scrutinize every detail of your performance.

People Pleasing

People pleasing? Yes, it’s another form of anxiety. You’re consumed with what others think of you. But reading others’ minds to know what they are thinking and feeling doesn’t work, right? So why can’t I stop? It’s exhausting.

Anxiety takes up so much of your energy that you don’t have much left for relationships. Not much left for times you would enjoy if you weren’t swallowed up by all this.

Let’s Take A Closer Look

Anxiety is a reflection of an overactive nervous system. When scary experiences happen to us, our nervous system gets amped up in response. I won’t go further into the details right now. We’ll dive deeper into all this when we start working together.

Right now, I want you to begin to consider there’s a reason you are suffering from anxiety. And there’s a way out. You’re not just hopelessly messed up.

The mind, heart, and body are linked in amazing ways. As we explore relevant science, we’ll discover all your parts you so you can feel whole. Even the ugly parts that you want to hide and sweep to the side.

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

We’ll find ways to calm down your nervous system, and take in what’s actually happening. We’ll sort out truth from lies, so you can find clarity.

Let’s see you winning over anxiety. Let’s beat it together. You deserve it. You don’t have to keep suffering. You can start saying I got this. Contact me today so we can connect for a free phone consultation.

Anxiety is often closely related to depression. Click here to learn more about depression.

Early life experiences can lead to symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety is often closely connected to sexual abuse. Click here to learn more about sexual abuse.


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