Couples Therapy

What is Couples Therapy?

You may be feeling hopelessly disconnected from your spouse. You long for connection, acknowledgement, understanding, and comfort.

You may be stuck in a repeating pattern of conflict, exhausting you and your spouse and driving you further apart.

In couples therapy, I offer you a neutral, objective perspective on what I observe occurring in your relationship. I facilitate deeper connection as you improve your bond. I help you identify the deep, core wounds that drive the cycle of conflict. I will help you find accessibility, responsiveness, and engagement in your relationship.

What are the Benefits of Couples Therapy?

The benefits of couples therapy include becoming unstuck from patterns of interaction, achieving more relational satisfaction, and developing new tools for conflict resolution.

How Do I Know When My Partner and I Need Couples Therapy?

You may determine that you and your partner need couples therapy if you feel that layers of hurt and misunderstanding are covering over the love and affection that brought you together. Although therapy is often sought as couples reach a breaking point, you do not need to wait until this happens. Therapy can be started when you and your partner feel unable to effectively untangle disagreements and heal wounds.

With What Issues in a Relationship Can Therapy Help?

Issues in a relationship that therapy can help with include infidelity, addictions, intimacy, communication, frequent arguing, parenting, and histories of abuse.

What Happens During Therapy?

Attachment patterns and dynamics deeply rooted in early childhood relationships often manifest in adult relationships. Addressing these patterns and dynamics empowers you to understanding your partner’s emotional needs, while also identifying your own emotional needs, and learning to communicate and interact in healthier ways.

These new ways of being in a committed relationship bring forth clarity, freedom from the past, and hope for the future. I will help you grow the bond that you desire to have with your partner. Together we will take down the walls that block connection, and help you build healthy boundaries. I will help you both develop empathy and understanding, to replace hostility and resentment.

What Happens If My Partner Doesn’t Want to Go To Therapy?

If your partner doesn’t want to go to therapy, you can choose to do individual therapy. In individual therapy, you can begin to address the issues that you bring to the relationship. It can often be helpful for both partners to do individual therapy prior to or concurrently with couples therapy, because each partner’s individual issues greatly impact the relationship.

How Long Does Therapy Take?

There is no set number of sessions for therapy. The length of time in therapy varies by situation, and by your goals.


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