Relationship Therapy: Dating

I can help you break through hidden barriers to self-love and successful romantic relationships.

Your Search for Love

You want so deeply to share your life with someone. Someone who knows your heart. Someone to share the laughter and the tears. Someone to walk beside you.

You’ve succeeded in so many other areas. But dating is complicated and doesn’t seem to be going your way.

Just Can’t Get It Right

You’re on the dating apps and sites, but you’re anxious about it.

Some comments I hear frequently are:

Every time I start a relationship, I lose interest.

I can’t seem to connect.

I’ve dated a lot of people, but I don’t know to go from that introduction phase to something deeper.

I’m feeling disconnected from myself, so how could I even begin to date?

I can’t seem to trust anyone enough to let them in.

Others say they are constantly finding flaws, or unwilling to step out to make the first connection.

Or they keep getting in unhappy relationships full of hurt and conflict.

Broken Pieces

You fear not seeing the red flags, as has happened so many times before.

You don’t know how to tell if a person is trustworthy.

You ignore all the warning signs and go full force into a whirlwind of pain, hurt, conflict, and disappointment.

Let’s Figure This Out

In therapy, together we will face and find ways to overcome your anxieties around connecting.

You will start to have self-compassion when dating feels hard. I will help you take it easy on yourself.

We will work to get rid of unrealistic expectations of yourself and others.

Let’s discover what it’s like to open up in a new way.

Relationship Therapy: Boundaries

So many people ask you for things, and you’re afraid to say no.

It will hurt their feelings. Or they’ll be mad. So they’ll distance themselves from you. You’ll feel uncomfortable if you don’t agree with them.

Guess what? The truth is that saying no doesn’t mean you don’t care.

Speaking Up

You can lovingly tell people, This is what I can do, and this is what I can’t do. You can care about and value someone without agreeing with their thoughts and feelings.

The relationship can actually become stronger when you talk about differences.

This just seems impossible. You’ve spent so much time worrying about everyone else. How could you break out of something you’ve been doing for so long?

Making Sense Of It All

I get it. We’ll talk about how your early life experiences shaped your way of relating to others. It’s not about blaming your parents. It’s about understanding how your innermost self was formed, and how it shows up today.

We’ll create a new map for how to navigate the deep waters of connection and closeness.

Contact me today to stop running away from your own needs, and start showing up in new ways for yourself and others.


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