Self-Esteem Therapy

You’ve been feeling not good enough for as long as you can remember.

Others tell you they value you as a friend or partner. But no matter what they say, you just don’t get it. You wonder, why would they want to know my opinion? What could I possibly offer? You find a million ways to put yourself down, but not many to build yourself up.

Where’s Self-Acceptance?

You hear that familiar phrase learn to love yourself. What does that mean? All you know is that you’re defective. There’s something wrong with you. You’re not lovable. You’re not worthy of success. The list goes on.

It’s My Fault

You think you deserved bad things that happened to you growing up. You tell yourself that if you had been stronger, you could have stopped them.

Children blame themselves for the way they’re mistreated. You weren’t seen, loved, valued, or understood when you were growing up, and you believed it was your fault.

So now you see yourself as responsible for the ways others mistreat you. If only you had been a better girlfriend or wife, they wouldn’t have cheated on you. If only you had been smarter, you could have found a way out of bad situations.

Broken Messages

Children also internalize messages they receive about themselves. You were put down and ridiculed, so now you see yourself as deficient. As a loser. As not having what it takes. As unworthy of success. Or fill in the blank with the ways you devalue yourself.

Are you starting to see the ways you beat yourself up have roots that go way back?

I will help you make these connections.

Let’s Write a New Story

 With gentle guidance, I will lead you through the tender and vulnerable places, so that you can be free of the lies you believe about yourself.

You start to believe in yourself. Start to feel worthy. Finally start to see what others see in you.

It’s time. Enough of this suffering already. Even though it’s hard to face the pain, it’s worth it.

Low self-esteem is often connected to sexual abuse. Click here to learn more about sexual abuse.


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