Faith-Based Therapy

You feel like you are drowning in all of your pain and unhappiness. You are wondering where God is, and why you can’t connect with Him. You are longing to find the deep connection to God that you once felt. All of your sadness and worry keep you stuck in a lonely place, without experiencing the fullness of His presence.

I will help you shed the layers of suffering that keep you isolated. You will begin to uncover the roots of the lies that you are believing about yourself, and begin to see yourself the way God sees you. You will grow into a new perspective on who you truly are, and get free from old beliefs about yourself that stem from the difficulties you have experienced.

You want to have confidence that your therapist understands your beliefs, values, and world view. I understand the importance of this confidence in building trust in the therapeutic relationship.

Let’s begin your journey toward your renewed heart and spirit. Contact me today for a free phone consultation.

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