Substance Abuse & Addiction Recovery

​​​​​​If you or someone you know is afflicted with addiction, you see lives torn apart by the vicious cycle it creates. Periods of abstinence from substances are often followed by periods of relapse. A sense of hopelessness can arise in addicts, as well as those in relationship with them.

Anxiety, depression, and trauma are common in the history of addicts. Therapy offers an opportunity to explore meaningful connections between addiction and underlying experiences. Relief from the suffering of addiction can be a powerful outcome of the therapeutic process.

In my 12 years of experience, I have worked in an addiction treatment facility, as well as with many other clients suffering from addiction, helping them to achieve sobriety while re-building their lives, including developing new ways of coping with difficult emotions without using substances.

I will partner with you in the process of building a new life, free from the bondage of substance abuse. Contact me today to break out of the isolation of addiction. You do not need to suffer alone.

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