Teen Therapy

Over the teenage years as a parent, you find yourself needing to constantly change and adapt.

You want to develop communication that builds connection, instead of communication that escalates conflict.

You want to find more opportunities for deep connection. You want your teen to open up and talk to you. You want to build trust with your teen.

You want to know how to more effectively guide your teen. Your teen likely has lots of inner struggles, peer pressure, self-image issues, and preoccupation with what other teens are thinking. You may find yourself at your wit’s end.

You and your teen may find yourselves relating in ways that are painful for both of you. Neither of you intend to hurt each other, yet it seems to happen over and over again. 

I will support your teen in increasing his or her motivation to achieve success, and in taking down any barriers that stand in his or her way.

I will support you in setting healthy limits and boundaries, while balancing this with your teen’s increasing need for independence.

I will support your family in improving communication and other interactions, so that you feel free to act in ways that the love that you have for each other shines through.

Taking the step of contacting me today is the beginning of a new road of hope in your relationship with your teen.

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