Depression Therapy

In the past you wondered if it was just a slump, but now it’s been so long. You tell yourself, no matter how much I try, my life just doesn’t get better. I’m worn out and discouraged. I’m sick of fighting this battle. What’s the point?

As a Christian, you know the truth is that God works all things together for your good. But when is that going to happen for me? It’s hard to see the places where God is working on your behalf. It’s hard to believe for seeing the fulfillment of his promises.

The External Fix

You thought that if you got the job, the house, the partner, the kid, then you would feel happy. If only these things changed, my life would get better. Disappointment and hopelessness set in when you realized that wasn’t true.

You go through the motions, yet you feel like an empty shell of a person. Sometimes you feel okay, like you’re getting by. But it’s easy to sink lower when something doesn’t go your way. The hole gets deeper as the months and years pass.

Happiness? Not for me. Satisfaction? Can’t seem to find that. This is just the story of my life.

There is Hope

So you ask how can therapy help me? We’ll look at the patterns of your cycles of depression. We’ll see how sadness and emptiness became a state of being. We’ll explore how your early experiences could have contributed to being stuck in the low zone.

I’ll help you learn self-care to nurture yourself when you’re feeling down. Self-care, what is that? You hear it as a buzz word, but what does that actually mean? It’s treating yourself as well as you would another important person in your life. Showing yourself kindness, patience, and gentleness. Imagine that.

So Much More is Possible

Hard to envision your life getting brighter? Hard to imagine the darkness could fade? It probably seems far off, but I want you to encourage you that it’s possible.

I will walk beside you discovering new ways of connecting to the moment, feeling joy, and showing up for your life. Able to appreciate God’s blessings. Able to get unstuck and move forward. Over my 12 years of experience as a therapist, I have seen many people deeply transform and shift, reaching new levels they didn’t think were possible.

Contact me today for a free phone consultation. Let’s connect to start the journey toward the life you want to live.

Depression is often closely connected to sexual abuse. Click here to learn more about sexual abuse.

Depression is often related to anxiety. Click here to learn more about anxiety.


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