Trauma Therapy for Sexual Abuse Survivors

As children, we’re so vulnerable and susceptible to our environment. And all too often, we go through things no child should experience. Like sexual abuse.

Now you’re probably thinking back on your childhood and wondering if what you went through is considered sexual abuse.

Or you’re thinking your sexual abuse affects your life, but you aren’t sure exactly how.

Memory Fragments

Accessing memories of scary experiences from your adulthood is probably not too hard. However for various reasons, we often don’t immediately recall them from childhood. Memory is complex.

It’s like you have scattered pieces of memory, and you can’t figure out how these pieces fit together.

I Don’t Want to Talk About It

The silence and secrecy of sexual abuse have kept you alone and isolated for so many years. You don’t feel truly connected to anyone or anything. You want others to know how you really feel, but you can’t get the words out.

Finding Your Voice

Sexual abuse stole your voice. I’ll help you find it, whether it is saying no to what you don’t want, yes to what you do want, letting others know your thoughts and feelings, or telling your story.


Embarrassed about your story, you keep it to yourself.

Feeling stuck in the past, you blame yourself and keep it bottled up inside.

I want you to know that your story is not an obstacle to your freedom; it is actually the key to unlocking it.

I Don’t Want This to Hold Me Back Anymore

Sexual abuse doesn’t have to keep you from achieving your dreams and goals in relationships, education, or your career.

You don’t have to stay on the sidelines, watching others accomplish their dreams and reach milestones.

Breaking Free From Isolation

A healthy relationship with a romantic partner is probably on your list. You want to heal from your pain, so your children or future children won’t have to go through what you have.

But relationships are problematic, whether you are avoiding being in a relationship, or have a partner who doesn’t understand what you’ve been through.

As you heal, your relationship fears will fade away. You’ll learn to share your needs with your partner so they can support you.

It’s Time to Face This Together

Feeling your pain may seem too overwhelming, but going through it will bring freedom and transformation. Avoiding it will make the pain deepen and haunt you more over time.

Going through your healing process, you will live the rest of your life without your sexual abuse holding you back.

I will help you understand what you are experiencing, your reactions, how the brain and the body process trauma, and how to be kind to yourself as you heal. You will calm down internally, and feel less self-blame.

Let’s start walking together on your path to feeling whole.


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