Young Adult Therapy

Growing into early adulthood brings many challenges that may be contributing to your high levels of stress. Struggling with finding a meaningful career, growing and building healthy romantic relationships, redefining your identity today as compared to your adolescent years, and adapting to relationships with your parents as an adult child are some of the difficulties that you may bring into my office.

I have a passion for helping young adults in their struggles. Seeking help at a young age brings forth the exciting possibility of living the rest of your years as a thriving individual, equipped with resiliency and tools to navigate life’s experiences.

Whether you are in a romantic relationship, or desire to find one, participating in therapy helps address roadblocks to healthy intimacy. Beginning the therapeutic journey is giving yourself a gift of emotional health that you will carry with you throughout your life span.

Whether you have questions about therapy, or you have been considering therapy and are ready to take the next step, contact me today and I will be happy to connect with you.


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